Kiss of the Soul

These 2 Divine Humans came together and
are celebrating who they are as individuals and couple.

They met in the midst of Cosmos and they went on a journey
that brought them closer and closer until
they exchanged vows and they sealed their promises
with a symbolic ring.

They got Eternally Married.
An Oneness that exists in all lifetimes.

They could go through this all because at the beginning,
when they first met they experienced
the Kiss of the Soul!
Their Hearts & Souls recognized each other and
they merged one into the other
in a everlasting; sweet and passionate kiss.

She is fully and tenderly blooming in her Feminine Essence.
He is fully and firmly standing in his Masculine Essence.
They embody Happiness; Harmony; Joy; Excitement;
their Inner Divinity with their terrestrial condition.
They are Love.

Kiss of the Soul is my latest High Energy Painting and
this is the Sacred Message that it has for You.
It is the result of the Heartstorming being activated on me.

Acrylic on Canvas.
40 cm X 40 cm
€ 6.666
(Taxes & Shipping Included)


In case this is a gift or you have a special delivery request,
send me a message through the form below after transaction.



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